Dear Cheese, We Need to Talk


Dear Cheese,

You know my love for you is true, but we need to talk. All I’ve ever done is praise you and treat you with love and what do you do in return? You hurt me. You hurt me when I least expect it and it drills a Swiss cheese hole in my heart.

You know I want to be with you every waking moment. I want you in my breakfast, as my snack, with my lunch, before dinner and for dinner. You make me happy in so many ways and you’ve given me some amazing times I will cherish forever. Your versatility provides for unexpected delight in different situations. Melted, hard or spread, you’re still amazing.

But Cheese, you’ve been hurting me too much lately. I can’t fathom the idea of life without you, the mere thought is too painful to bear. Still, my love, I think we need to spend some time apart. I’m not going to say goodbye forever because that’s impossible, but I think we need to see a little less of each other for a while.

I know you mean well, how can’t you with all the cheesy love you have to offer? You bring smiles to everyone who is lucky enough to encounter you, you make boring meals so much more exciting and even on your own… you are a wonder.

We’ve both seen what you can do to me. I know you’re sorry and you don’t mean to hurt me, I still love you in spite of the pain.

This is not farewell, it’s just a “see you soon” (and in smaller amounts).

Forever yours,

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