Who’s this girl?


Hola and thanks for stopping by! My name is Cristina Nogueras, I live in Hoboken, work in New York City but was really born and raised in Puerto Rico. No matter how many piles of snow are thrown my way, I will always be an island girl at heart.

I started this blog back in 2013 when a lot of things around me felt uncertain and I was somewhat overwhelmed by being a grown up and living in a big city like New York. Beaches & Brie (formerly Peace, Love & Diet Coke) is my happy place and I hope you enjoy what you find here!

I pose no judgement when it comes to where you go and what you eat, unless you stay put and only eat boring food. I’m all about trying new things, which is weird because for years I was probably the pickiest eater in the world. I now love food and pretty much can’t get enough of it, like seriously. I also have a serious case of the travel bug, but in no way do I say that as a complaint.

I am clearly obsessed with cheese, love buying real books after I drink wine, think giraffes are awesome and the beach is my favorite place to be. I also find happiness in buying random snacks and pretending I can cook. I love photography but don’t carry my Canon around enough.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you join me in my journey as I explore places, plates and a little bit more!

Other places you can find me:

Instagram: @cristina.nogueras


Email: cristina@beachesandbrie.com

*All pictures are taken by Cristina Nogueras, unless otherwise noted. Please do not use any photos without my consent or approval.


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