46 Days Without Facebook

It felt like a tragedy when I made the decision to give up Facebook for lent. I thought I was crazy and there was no way I could do it.

This Easter morning when I logged back in all excited for my return, I went into my account, took a quick look around and thought to myself: “That’s it?”

First, the number of notifications waiting for me was quite sad. (Except for my dear girls who loyally kept me on their inbox chains and left a couple of hundred entertaining messages to catch up on).

Then I thought, “I did it? I truly went on with my lent sacrifice?”

You know what, it was not as hard as I thought. Yes, it was hard to find #TBT pictures with my limited iphone content, yes I forgot birthdays that I am not proud of, but overall, I was still a part of this world and things still happened in my life. There were a few sad news which I received with delays, but I was still connected with the people I love.

If you are thinking I had an awakening and have now decided to give up Facebook forever, you are greatly mistaken, relax.

The thing about Facebook versus Instagram, I realized, is that Instagram is full of more positive content, overall. Facebook gives you that status space to easily and quickly write whatever you please. Someone gave you an attitude today? You can just type that up, nice and easy. It is so easy to find a Facebook feed infested with negative comments and things that bring you down. Whereas a negative Instragram feed takes more work, you actually need some kind of visual proof. I had never thought about it that way until this morning as I waited to log back on Facebook.

I’m obviously back and running, I will try to upload some pictures eventually and all those routine tasks, but I’m actually glad I went through with these 46 days (yeah, there are actually more than 40 days in Lent).

Hello, my name is Cristina Nogueras and I went 46 days without Facebook and the world still went on. (Shocking, I know).

Happy Easter!




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