Nothing says love and hate for me right now, like New York City

love hate copy

HGTV, the cause of all my suffering. Seriously, as much as I enjoy watching people find the house of their dreams, I always end up questioning my own situation.

This couple was hunting for the perfect beach bungalow and by bungalow, apparently they meant mansions as the properties were extremely beautiful, spacious and right by the beach. As I was not watching super intently, I don’t know where it was, but it looked freaking gorgeous.

My point? The house was renting for only $1,000 a month… seriously? That is basically what I pay for my below average apartment, of course I am paying for location because for some reason I think it is the best thing ever to live 15 minutes away from a city that doesn’t even sleep.

This makes me question my situation and I ask myself, is it worth it? Why am I living by Manhattan when I could basically afford a house by the beach somewhere where the sun is always shinning and the weather doesn’t make you want to cry each morning?

These feelings are of course intensified when you are watching HGTV on a plane coming back from a teasing 3 days in sunny San Diego. I am actually considering making an official list of the why reasons I live where I live because I obviously have reasons, I’m not stupid. Maybe it can be a little laminated card I can keep in my wallet and pull out whenever I am doubting myself.

Maybe it’s my island roots screaming for sun and fresh tropical air. Having been born and raised in Puerto Rico, snowy winters are not particularly what you’re thinking of when you are laying on the warm sand.

What is it about New York City that makes everyone put up with the stupid cold weather? No one is really stuck there, except maybe the statute of liberty and even she is sort of in New Jersey. People even say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. So, why do we stay?

Why do we put up with crowded subways, questionable smells, rude people, overpriced drinks, overrated fashion trends and ridiculously high rent? Because somehow, with all that crap, New York City is pretty awesome. It’s a city full of cliches, twisted together with some of the best original ideas in the world.Possibilities are endless and opportunity is just around the corner, or maybe a subway stop ahead.

So for now, I’ll keep my stupid lease and I will continue to try to become better and happier everyday, aiming to discover the secret of teleportation so I can forever escape the cold, yet continue to be challenged (or kicked in the butt) by a pretty amazing city.

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