Wordless Wednesday: City Delights

I love being able to casually walk around New York City with deadlines, worries and pending items on my mind, only to be amazed by buildings like this one. Almost like it came out of nowhere, demanding my attention.

Hoboken Sunday Stroll With New Camera!


Christmas came early for me this year thanks to Black Friday, but really thanks to my wonderful parents who got me an awesome new camera! (Pause to reiterate how amazing my parents are) I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D with two awesome lenses that I am still figuring out how to handle. I clearly have a passion for photography, but I admit I don’t know much about it. My awesome friend photographer Naty Benitez has guided me through this process and I can’t wait to fully understand what she’s talking about.

Whether you’ve seen my previous pictures or not (iPhone 5), I invite you to come with me in this journey of mastering the ability to capture the beautiful moments in life (chaos and all).

Come walk around Hoboken with me…


I love Hoboken, that’s nothing new. I do wish the trees had leaves, but it’s still such a nice view.


View from Pier C park, or how me and my friends call it, the secret park!


I gave my boyfriend the opportunity to play around with the camera, a little nervous I must admit, but I love his sense of humor and the way he inspires me to be my goofy self.


It was cold out, which meant almost no people outside and space for me to jump around like a fool. You can also see the One World Trade Center tower in the background.


Hippies in Hoboken? Who knew?


I really like this place, which is concerning because their service is not the best, but I always keep coming back.


The Lackawanna terminal tower clock as seen from Pier A park.


I have mixed feelings about Carlo’s Bakery. Although I’ve never tried their cakes or pastries myself, I’ve heard they are not that great. There’s always a line of people waiting to go in, which can be annoying when you’re trying to walk past by in a rush (most days). However, I do think that it’s great that people that are not from this area know of Hoboken because of Carlo’s Bakery. Hoboken obviously has so much more to offer, but at least people know where I live.


Thanks for walking with me, so excited to keep sharing more pictures as I sharpen my skills!

What did you think? Any tips for DSLR beginners?

Nothing says love and hate for me right now, like New York City

love hate copy

HGTV, the cause of all my suffering. Seriously, as much as I enjoy watching people find the house of their dreams, I always end up questioning my own situation.

This couple was hunting for the perfect beach bungalow and by bungalow, apparently they meant mansions as the properties were extremely beautiful, spacious and right by the beach. As I was not watching super intently, I don’t know where it was, but it looked freaking gorgeous.

My point? The house was renting for only $1,000 a month… seriously? That is basically what I pay for my below average apartment, of course I am paying for location because for some reason I think it is the best thing ever to live 15 minutes away from a city that doesn’t even sleep.

This makes me question my situation and I ask myself, is it worth it? Why am I living by Manhattan when I could basically afford a house by the beach somewhere where the sun is always shinning and the weather doesn’t make you want to cry each morning?

These feelings are of course intensified when you are watching HGTV on a plane coming back from a teasing 3 days in sunny San Diego. I am actually considering making an official list of the why reasons I live where I live because I obviously have reasons, I’m not stupid. Maybe it can be a little laminated card I can keep in my wallet and pull out whenever I am doubting myself.

Maybe it’s my island roots screaming for sun and fresh tropical air. Having been born and raised in Puerto Rico, snowy winters are not particularly what you’re thinking of when you are laying on the warm sand.

What is it about New York City that makes everyone put up with the stupid cold weather? No one is really stuck there, except maybe the statute of liberty and even she is sort of in New Jersey. People even say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. So, why do we stay?

Why do we put up with crowded subways, questionable smells, rude people, overpriced drinks, overrated fashion trends and ridiculously high rent? Because somehow, with all that crap, New York City is pretty awesome. It’s a city full of cliches, twisted together with some of the best original ideas in the world.Possibilities are endless and opportunity is just around the corner, or maybe a subway stop ahead.

So for now, I’ll keep my stupid lease and I will continue to try to become better and happier everyday, aiming to discover the secret of teleportation so I can forever escape the cold, yet continue to be challenged (or kicked in the butt) by a pretty amazing city.

Image Credit – http://sketch42blog.com/2011/08/lovehate/

City Facades


Lost in an eternal daze, dazzled by the city lights,

Faces fly by, in this city governed by night

We claim pieces of concrete, unpolished fairy dust,

Seeking shelter on this land full of unbalanced trust

Entitlement corrupts free spirits, crushing dreams one by one

As the sun falls, our fears and walls become undone

A city of expectations, fueled by the purest form of irony

Nothing is required, but presumptions dampen any clarity

Walls guard secrets untold, keeping them safe in the clouds

Hands shaking, smiles rising, money flying, all because we’re too proud

The city of shine and sparkle, an eternal masquerade

Everyone’s invited, but not everyone can make it

You’ll need more than a mask, what are you willing to trade?

Even the shadows dance in here, will you join this masquerade?

– Cristina Nogueras ©


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Autumn Strolls: I Love Hoboken

It’s the little things that matter. When a stroll down the park can brighten up your day, you know you are lucky to live where you live. I love Hoboken. It’s across the water from one of the best cities in the world, but I get to enjoy little walks like this. No stress, just the beautiful colors of the fall.

image (4)imageimage (1) image (3)image (2)image (5)Photos taken & edited by Cristina Nogueras ©


Central Park: Feels Like Summer, Looks Like Fall

Feels like summer, looks like fall

“Let’s go to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday!”

That was ambitious. You would think that for someone who trekked four hours to the beach every weekend of the summer a trip to the Bronx from Hoboken is nothing. But you know how it is, it’s the weekend, you get lazy and you end up at the Central Park Zoo (which is still an accomplishment considering I had to train 45 minutes from Hoboken).

The Central Park Zoo is actually not bad, considering they don’t have giraffes and that their polar bear recently died (RIP Gus).

It was a fun day where the summer and autumn played along nature and the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze made an excellent mix. Confusing for your choice of wardrobe, but one of the best weathers for a stroll down what I consider Manhattan’s gem: Central Park.

Casually visiting the tropic

Where concrete meets nature...

Leaves are turning...