My First Ride


Lights are off, I can barely see around me. The music is loud and it’s getting more intense by the second. I hear the instructor’s voice encouraging everyone to go harder and harder. I feel the air escaping my lungs, my legs are beat and I’m sweating profusely. I swear I feel like I’m about to collapse, I hold back my tears wondering why would anyone put themselves through this torture. Then just like that, it all ends.

Oh, did I mention this was my first Soul-Cycle class?

Ever since I started working in Manhattan I’ve heard people talk about Soul-Cycle and how it’s amazing and addicting. I usually try not to jump on bandwagons (I still refuse to go watch 50 Shades of Grey) but I kept hearing people that were never too fitness-driven raving about these classes and how they were just “different.”

I swear if I could have written down my thoughts while I was on the bike I would have made myself promise never to do that to myself again. Impressively, once it ended, I felt a rush, a good rush. I did a Soul-Cycle class and I did not die. I almost passed out, but I did not die. That’s an accomplishment, right?

I wanted to write this post right after my class, but I felt like I first needed to know how it felt to wake up the next day. Ouch.

Granted, let me tell you that it had been YEARS since I had taken a spinning class, so let’s just say some parts of my body were not used to it. It still hurts in places I wasn’t quite sure it could hurt. Funny thing is, I didn’t even do the class in full capacity, how do people do this everyday!?

I’m not the most athletic person, by any means. I’m a little embarrassed to say I can barely run one mile non-stop (and by barely I mean I can’t). I still don’t get people that are addicted to working out and actually enjoy it, but one thing I can say is that man, I really want to be able to do a Soul-Cycle class full out. Will this determination last? We’ll see. Soul-Cycle is also an investment, definitely not something you want to half-ass. I’ve been improving my running time on the treadmill (Thank you, winter) but I still don’t feel that urgency and fulfillment that people say to feel when they run.


Whatever my soul-destiny shall be, I must say kudos to Soul-Cycle for having an awesome brand. I love their vibe and the way they have built a passionate (sometimes obsessed) community that attracts hard-working people that want to push themselves to the limit. Have I become someone that wants to physically push herself to the limit? Both possible answers make me worry.

Am I ready for my next ride? Probably not.

Am I going to do this to myself again? Probably yes. 🙂


I write to make sense of the nonsense in this planet
Dreams chatter every day
We learn to play the game
Smile when we have to
Take what needs to be taken
Maybe we’re all fooling ourselves
Lost in a sea of pretending not to pretend with endless empty laughter
Screaming inside
Planning and planning, with no set date to fly
Maybe we are not, maybe we know
We choose to play the game,
To keep going and beat the drain
Maybe we know when we’re set to sail,
Just let the breeze prevail…

Whoever wrote that Nike slogan, strikes me as pure genius.

“Just do it.” – Yeah, sounds easy, considering all the complications in life and all the curve balls that it throws at you. Think about it though, sometimes it really is about “just doing”. You don’t stand in front of the cold ocean water calculating your strategy for diving in, you stop thinking about it and you “just do it” (well, sometimes I do stand there considering my options, but at the end it’s the “just do it” mentality that pushes me into the water).

Sometimes I feel like my life is a never-ending “to do” list. A new year starts and I write a bunch of resolutions that end up getting trampled on by other goals like say, paying my rent. There are so many things I want to do, but so many limitations. Whether it is money, time or energy: are these true limitations or merely excuses?

Exhibit A: this blog. I started my first blog when I was abroad in France, it had no real structure or theme, just the goal of sharing my experiences at the moment. I wrote whenever I had a chance and shared with my family and friends. Then when I came back home, I abandoned it thinking there was nothing else exciting in my life (tragic, I know). Ever since I abandoned that blog, I’ve been meaning to bring my thoughts and experiences back to life but it’s been, let’s say, a road full of annoying pebbles.

As I brainstormed for ideas and themes for my new blog I kept thinking:

·         What’s my goal?

·         Who do I want to talk to?

·         How often will I post?

·         What am I going to write about? NYC experiences? Life challenges? Latinos? PR?

·         Will I follow a certain posting structure? Will I share personal details?


I’m a 23-year old public relations professional still gaining traction on the field. I should not let strategy and branding keep me from doing something I love: writing. What’s my goal? To express my thoughts, ideas and experiences. Who do I want to talk to? Whoever wants to listen in. I will write about what moves me, what strikes me, what motivates me and what simply delights me.

Sure, maybe one day I’ll launch a full blast branded blog with a specific audience that PR pros will fight to talk to, but for now I like this flow and I’m going with it.

-jumps into the cold water-