My First Ride


Lights are off, I can barely see around me. The music is loud and it’s getting more intense by the second. I hear the instructor’s voice encouraging everyone to go harder and harder. I feel the air escaping my lungs, my legs are beat and I’m sweating profusely. I swear I feel like I’m about to collapse, I hold back my tears wondering why would anyone put themselves through this torture. Then just like that, it all ends.

Oh, did I mention this was my first Soul-Cycle class?

Ever since I started working in Manhattan I’ve heard people talk about Soul-Cycle and how it’s amazing and addicting. I usually try not to jump on bandwagons (I still refuse to go watch 50 Shades of Grey) but I kept hearing people that were never too fitness-driven raving about these classes and how they were just “different.”

I swear if I could have written down my thoughts while I was on the bike I would have made myself promise never to do that to myself again. Impressively, once it ended, I felt a rush, a good rush. I did a Soul-Cycle class and I did not die. I almost passed out, but I did not die. That’s an accomplishment, right?

I wanted to write this post right after my class, but I felt like I first needed to know how it felt to wake up the next day. Ouch.

Granted, let me tell you that it had been YEARS since I had taken a spinning class, so let’s just say some parts of my body were not used to it. It still hurts in places I wasn’t quite sure it could hurt. Funny thing is, I didn’t even do the class in full capacity, how do people do this everyday!?

I’m not the most athletic person, by any means. I’m a little embarrassed to say I can barely run one mile non-stop (and by barely I mean I can’t). I still don’t get people that are addicted to working out and actually enjoy it, but one thing I can say is that man, I really want to be able to do a Soul-Cycle class full out. Will this determination last? We’ll see. Soul-Cycle is also an investment, definitely not something you want to half-ass. I’ve been improving my running time on the treadmill (Thank you, winter) but I still don’t feel that urgency and fulfillment that people say to feel when they run.


Whatever my soul-destiny shall be, I must say kudos to Soul-Cycle for having an awesome brand. I love their vibe and the way they have built a passionate (sometimes obsessed) community that attracts hard-working people that want to push themselves to the limit. Have I become someone that wants to physically push herself to the limit? Both possible answers make me worry.

Am I ready for my next ride? Probably not.

Am I going to do this to myself again? Probably yes. 🙂


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