Five Easy Ways to Make the World a Less Sucky Place

you rock

Sometimes the smallest things can bring the biggest smiles. Also, one of the options below made my day today.

  1. Write random notes for people – Sticky notes, postcards, your pick. The weirder, the better
  2. Open doors for people – Even if it means an extra 2 seconds of standing there awkwardly waiting until they arrive at the door
  3. Say thank you to everyone – Even if they don’t hear it, even if they don’t seem to even want to hear it and even if they might not deserve it
  4. Donate – From time to time, put down $10 or $20 for that friend who is selling shirts for a fundraiser or that other coworker who is doing a run for a special cause… you spend that at the bars anyways
  5. Offer food to people – You don’t have to get fancy with this one, it’s as simple as extending your bag of chips and saying “Want one?”

So there, my 2 cents.


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