[Puerto Rico] Down & Dirty at La Selva, Luquillo

puerto rico jeep beach

I don’t care too much for cars. I love that they take us from point A to B, but I’ve never really paid too much attention to features unless I had to  connect my iPod into the speakers. I know, I know, you don’t need an iPod to play music in your car. That’s just how long it’s been since I’ve had a car (#nycproblems).

This past holiday season, I asked my friend to choose an off-the-beaten path beach for us to explore for a day. She chose well, maybe too well. As she drove ahead of me, we stood upon a long, narrow and muddy road to “La Selva”. We’re getting dirty, no big deal.

But wait, these puddles are deep. I could then understand how other friends had attempted this same trip and failed so miserably that they had to get a tow truck to help them get their cars out of the mud. Still, there we were, facing the road ahead with total determination to make it to the beach. Bumpy road to say the least, but oh so worth it. My lovely white Xterra had gotten down and dirty and we got to enjoy the beach exclusively to ourselves.

dog beach puerto rico

Our friend Rocco here was having a blast and I was happily taking my parent’s GoPro on her first beach trip. You know, perfect day. Even the drops that got on the way look good.

puerto rico beaches & brie

Plot twist, it starts raining. No big deal if you are in the tropics, by the beach and already wet. Wrong. Rain means more water falling into the already deep mud puddles. Abort mission. This time, I got to record the experience with the help of my GoPro. A mess because, oh well, we barely made it.

Prologue, my dad days later sent me a picture letting me know that even the insides of my car got muddy, like right down in the engine muddy. He was not amused.

** Before **

File_000 (25)

** After **

File_000 (26)

Look at this beach and tell me it isn’t worth it.

File_000 (24)


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