Wordless Wednesday: Adoquines

IMG_2011Catching the colors of Old San Juan while capturing that warm light of a late afternoon. Old city of wonders, with la Fortaleza creeping its blue on the back.

Photo by Cristina Nogueras


Wordless Wednesday: Simplicity


“There is a beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity, that we sometimes do not appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions.” – Dallin H. Oaks

Photo by Cristina Nogueras ©

Wordless Wednesday: Lost Feather

IMG_1136A feather in the ground looks broken, lost and pointless. Showcase it against an amazing background and watch it come to life. How humans can live without nature is beyond me. Concrete jungles are fun and exciting, I get it, but I can’t stay away from these colors for too long. My mind and soul crave green, even if it’s a walk through the park. You know you may have been living in a city for too long when you get excited about a little pretty feather.

Wordless Wednesday: Back to Reality

photo (1)

Yesterday I flew back to real life in New York City after spending two wonderful weeks home in my warm Puerto Rico. I took this picture during take-off and felt inspired to edit it on the spot.

Can’t wait to start sharing all the great pictures I took, stay tuned!

Wordless Wednesday: Black & White

A little black & white mystery in the Hoboken scene, hiding imperfections and adding a sense of emptiness and fullness, all at once.



Photo & edits by Cristina Nogueras

Wordless Wednesday: The Journey Never Ends

photo (1)

Never-ending itch to travel and discover. That’s what I have. I don’t understand how people can feel any other way.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia – Photo by Cristina Nogueras (no filters/edits)

Wordless Wednesday: Newport Waters

It doesn’t have to be summer for the ocean to be beautiful…photo (3)and that guy is pretty cool, too

Newport, Rhode Island


Wordless Wednesday: NYPD Memorial

NYPD Memorial in Manhattan

NYPD Memorial in Manhattan

I know words in this post defeat the purpose of the title, but I just want to say that working in this city, I can’t begin to imagine what people must have gone through that horrible September 11th. Regardless of political status and ideology preferences, my heart goes to the families that lost their loved ones on this day, 12 years ago.