[California] Sausalito Sunsets & More Rosé


During my recent trip to California I got to visit a lot of fun and interesting places, one of my favorite was the city of Sausalito. After spending the earlier part of the day at Muir Woods (more on that later), we were taken to this lovely waterfront town. I love the water and although I can appreciate the beauty of the mountains and forests, there’s nothing like being by the shore.

I immediately knew I wanted to spend more time exploring my surroundings, but knew we had a ferry to catch back to San Francisco. Relying on just online reviews and outside seating, we decided to have dinner at Salito’s.

Knowing that it was our last day in California, we were taking it all in. Everybody seemed happy and without a single care in the world. Except maybe the couple next to us, they were clearly on a first date and it was so fascinating to watch them both react to each other. No, I was not creeping.


That, my friends, is Salito’s crab alfredo. Not bad at all, although I must say, their mussels and sauce was delicious!


Note on those sunglasses, got them in California, love the reflection but totally lost them. They must be in some unpacked bag in my room right now, but that may not be the case. I’m not so concerned about the money (they were super cheap), I am saddened more by how well they photographed. Check us out on the shot below!

After dinner, we still had some time before the ferry departure. I saw people drinking by the water and I immediately knew where I needed to be. Turns out, this place called Bar Bocce allows you to eat and drink by the water in a very casual and comfortable setting. I only had drinks, but people around us were enjoying some very delicious pizzas. Note to self: return to this place with a blanket and a big appetite.

This is me at Bar Bocce’s backyard. That face says: “I love my wine, I love this place and yes, I know it sucks that I have to leave”. It’s like you can already see the inevitable sarcasm in my eyes, right?

Waiting for the ferry was not bad at all. Perks of waiting for the last ferry? You get to see the sunset as you leave Sausalito behind. You can also attempt, for the one hundredth time, to take the perfect picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Witnessing wonders, in more ways than one | Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

This is the story of how I was a crucial part in the most important moment of the lives of two strangers, in Croatia.

While in Zadar, my boyfriend and I decided to take a tour to visit the Plitvice Lakes. These had been highly recommended and all the pictures we had seen looked amazing. Honestly, I did not believe what I saw on the pictures, I just thought it looked too fake. Boy, was I wrong.


The Plitvice Lakes, part of a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are truly a place full of wonder. As you will see from my pictures (no edits, no retouches) these waters are clear and intense at the same time. We were actually able to drink from the springs and it tasted even better than the water in our bottles. My fear was to get a stomach bug or something from drinking it… nothing happened.


Our tour was a one-day excursion and it allowed you to get to know the people in the tour with you. Sitting next to us during the bus ride was this super nice Canadian couple, just around my age. We were talking through the trip and while on the lakes, helped each other out by taking couple pictures of each other, cheesy but believe me, super practical.

By the end of the tour, we reached the waterfall below.


The view was truly amazing and as it had become the custom, I told the Canadian couple I would take a picture of them there. The guy went to hand me the camera and said, “Actually, take a video, I’m going to go propose”.

Needless to say my reaction was a mixture of “OMG I want to scream right now” and “OMG I forgot how to use all technology”. My boyfriend rapidly jumped away knowing he would mess up the video under pressure, so I was strong and agreed to take on the task. Let me tell you, I have a new found respect for wedding photographers.

As the guy went up the rocks to “take the picture” I felt like I was about to witness something amazing. I also felt like I was creeping on two strangers, but whatever, I had a job in my hands. I was not able to hear what he was saying, but the look in her eyes told me he was promising her the world she always wanted. She started tearing up and nodding profusely. Thank God she said yes, that would have been one awkward ride back to Zadar.


In case you were wondering, I was able to tape it all! I didn’t get the couple’s information or anything, I don’t remember their names and I probably will never see them again, but for one moment there I was a part of their lives. Isn’t it weird how life works sometimes?

Feel free to contact me for quotes on proposal videos.


Wordless Wednesday: Playa Crash Boat, Puerto Rico

image (21)

image (20)

image (22)Aguadilla, Puerto Rico – March 2012 – Photos by Cristina Nogueras ©

Wordless Wednesday: Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico

photo (16)Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico – March 2012 – Photo by Cristina Nogueras ©