Wordless Wednesday: NYPD Memorial

NYPD Memorial in Manhattan

NYPD Memorial in Manhattan

I know words in this post defeat the purpose of the title, but I just want to say that working in this city, I can’t begin to imagine what people must have gone through that horrible September 11th. Regardless of political status and ideology preferences, my heart goes to the families that lost their loved ones on this day, 12 years ago.

What are nineteen years?

You don’t remember a lot when you are little, but for some reason your mind captures random bits of pieces to preserve almost intact. It’s not usually remarkable images, but simple daily smiles.

Nineteen years ago, I remember being taken to my “Titi Gladys” house for some unexpected play time. I don’t remember the worried look in my parents’ eyes or the tears hidden in everyone’s faces, because when you are four years old you don’t notice the bad things that much.

My mother’s brother, my dearest uncle, passed away 19 years ago in a car accident. Hard to say how much a four-year-old girl can remember, it makes me even a little angry that memories rely so much on age. I wish I had more memories with him, but I’m left with bits and pieces of an unfinished puzzle, a little girl too young to mourn.

Then just like that, I see myself quietly opening his bedroom door and jumping playfully to wake him up.

Rest in peace tío, I love you.